A lista completa com os comerciais do Super Bowl 2019

Os intervalos do Super Bowl são o horário nobre da propaganda mundial, chegando a custar US$ 5 milhões por 30 segundos de veiculação. Se você trabalha com marketing ou propaganda, precisa estar por dentro do que rolou por lá. Então confira abaixo a lista com todos os comerciais do Super Bowl de 2019.

ADT – When it Comes to Smart Home Security, Trust the Pros.

Amazon Alexa – Not Everything Makes the Cut

Audi – Cashew

Avocados From Mexico – Top Dog

BON & VIV Spiked Seltzer – The Pitch

bubly – Michael Bublé vs bubly

Budweiser – Wind Never Felt Better

Bud Light – Game of Thrones

Bud Light – Medieval Barbers

Bud Light – Special Delivery

Bud Light – Trojan Horse Occupants

Bumble – The Ball is in Her Court

Burger King – #EatLikeAndy

Colgate Total – Close Talker

DEVOUR – Food Porn

Doritos – Chance the Rapper x Backstreet Boys

Expensify – 2 Chainz x Adam Scott

Google – 100 Billion Words

Google – Job Search for Veterans

Hyundai – The Elevator

KIA Telluride – Give It Everything

Lexus Quarterback Safety System+: Next-generation QB Protection

Mercedes-Benz – Say the Word

Michelob ULTRA – Robots

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold – The Pure Experience

Microsoft – We All Win

Mint Mobile – Chunky Style Milk? That’s Not Right

M&M’S Chocolate Bar – Bad Passengers

NFL – The 100-Year Game

Norwegian Cruise Line

Olay – Killer Skin

Pepsi – More Than OK

Persil ProClean – The Deep Clean Level

Planters – Mr. Peanut is Always There in Crunch Time

Pizza Hut – $5 Lineup Has you Covered, Honest

Pringles – Sad Device

SimpliSafe – Fear Is Everywhere

Skechers – Easy

Skittles – The Musical

Sprint – Best of Both Worlds

Stella Artois – Change Up The Usual

T-Mobile – Dad?!

T-Mobile – We’ll Keep This Brief

T-Mobile – We’re Here For You

Toyota RAV4 – Toni

Toyota Supra – Wizard

TurboTax – RoboChild

Turkish Airlines – TheJourney

Verizon – The Coach Who Wouldn’t Be Here

Verizon – The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here

Washington Post – Democracy Dies in Darkness

WeatherTech – CupFone™

WeatherTech – Scout

Wix.com – Karlie Kloss

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